Stock 8629
Type Used Medium Duty
Year/Make 1991 Freightliner
VIN 1FU53LYB9MP504380
Mileage 930477
Engine Cummins L10
Transmission 9 speed

1991 FRTR Cummins L10 330HP 9 speed. Air brake package. 138 CA. Vertical Exhaust, 80 gallon tank. Air Ride driver seat  11R 24.5 Tires. Fronts 14/32 Rear 16/32. A/C- Not working. Jake brake. Aluminum wheels. 33,000 GVWR.


Century 1624 1624T0148E98

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Century 1624 Wrecker Specifications
Lift Cylinders
5″ bore
Power Retracted 30″ (S.A.E.)
40,000 lbs.
Maximum Angle
Single Winch
16,000 lbs.
175' x ½″
Fully retracted to C.L. of Fork Holder
38″/24,000 lbs.
Fully retracted to C.L. of Fork Holder
102.5″/12,000 lbs.
Standard power tilt arc

Estimated shipping weight
6,500 lbs.
Ratings are based on structural features only – not chassis capacity.
When used with the cross bar sheave attachment, the 1624 can be transformed into a hydraulic boom.
The minimum RBM for each frame rail is 1,200,000 in./lb.; the minimum GVW is 28,000 lbs.; the minimum C.A. dimension is 138″, and the minimum frame length behind the centerline of the rear axle is 42 inches. The outside frame rails of chassis extending behind cab must be free of fuel tanks, air tanks, battery boxes, etc. All chassis specifications are minimums, heavier specifications may be required depending on chassis and equipment weights.
• 138″ C.A. Aluminum modular body with 3 compartments per side
• 96″ wide with fenderetts
• Single 16,000 lb. winch
• 175' x ½″ cable assembly
• Air clutch release
• Cable tensioner
• 360° boom end swivel
• Spring loaded cable storage tie back
• Crossbar sheave attachment
• Hydraulic pump
• Manual controls – driver and passenger side
• 8 function remote hand held lanyard
• Mud flaps
•  sets of frame forks
• 1 set of ½″ hook adapters
• 1 set of safety chains
• Spring door checks
• Light pylon
• One pair of spring lift adapters

• Significant weight forward for better stability
• Efficiency, power, reach and reliability standards among
industry's highest
• One winch and twin lift cylinders, built for maximum stability
and efficiency
• Simple to operate – no tricky mechanisms to learn
• Automatic hydraulic lock on fold cylinder – no complicated latch
• Top of sheave closer to the ground for clearance under aerial lifts
• Boom lift power is continuous from bottom to top; power remains
constant with any added height, seal reliability is great with single
stage lift cylinders, and there is power down for all-weather
• Stinger tilt for the flexibility to lay flat, yet control clearances by
tilting during lift
• Rear bumper closer to rear axle so load can be pulled in closer for
better stability
• Proven Century 3-stage stinger and crossbar
NOTE: Specifications subject to change without notice. All ratings specified are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities, or capabilities.

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